Medical and first aid cabinets and accessories.

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  1. Cederroth ensiapukaappi haavanhoitopisteellä, pieni
    Cederroth A Small First Aid Cabinet with Wound Care point
    Includes a lock, dust sealed metal cabinet with door that has small wound caring center. Suitable for smaller workplaces and complement to other first aid equipment.
    SKU: C2914
  2. Cederroth pieni haavanhoitopiste
    Cederroth First Aid panel
    Cederroth First Aid panel containing a variety of first aid products.
    SKU: C191400
  3. Ensiapukaapin sisältö
    Cederroth contents for any first aid cabinet.
    Contents for any first aid cabinet.
    SKU: C2030
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