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  1. Kevyt nylon ensiapulaukku sisältöineen
    Kevyt nylon ensiapulaukku sisältöineen

    Kevyt matkakäyttöön suunniteltu nyloninen ensiapulaukku sisältöineen

    SKU: K3005
  2. Henkilökohtainen ensiapulaukku vyöpussi
    Henkilökohtainen ensiapulaukku vyöpussi

    Henkilökohtainen ensiapulaukku 
    Nylon vyöpussi
    Koko: 16 x 15 x 5cm

    SKU: K306-1
  3. AKLA Ensiapulaukku, sisältää huomioliivin
    AKLA First-aid Kit, Includes reflective jacket

    AKLA First-aid Kit, Includes reflective jacket. Handy first-aid kit for example cars, boats or home. Measurements25x18x6cm.

    SKU: AK91475
  4. Cederroth First Aid Kit Small ensiapulaukku
    Cederroth First Aid Kit Small

    The Small Cederroth First Aid Kit is ideal for use by lone workers, postmen, security guards, farmers, cleaners, park workers and many more. The kit contains essential contents to deal with bleeding wounds, small or large.

    SKU: C390100
  5. SPR Ensiapu, Taskupakkaus
    SPR Ensiapu, Taskupakkaus
    Suomen Punaisen Ristin uudistetut ensiapulaukut nyt saatavilla! Taskupakkauksen ensiaputarvikkeet on helppo ottaa mukaan laukkuun tai reppuun.
    SKU: SPR_EA1089
  6. Urheilijan ensiapupakkaus
    First aid kit for Athletes

    First aid kit for athletes that contains basic tools for treating most common sport injuries for an athlete or team of athletes.

    SKU: EA2077
  7. Vapaa-ajan ensiapupakkaus
    Leisure First Aid Kit

    Leisure First aid kit is ideal for cars, boats and hiking. Package has diverse tools and the helper can treat quickly major bleeds, protect a patient against cold, supporting and treating sprains and cleansing and binding wounds.

    Package has moisture-proof Velcrosticker on the back which can be used to attach the package to many places such as behind car seat headrest.  

    SKU: EA2076
  8. Ensiapulaukku autoon auki
    First Aid Kit to Car

    Stylish and user friendly first aid kit has all tools easily accessed and ready to use. The bag contains tools for treating small injuries, wounds and greater injuries.

    Blue package has all high-quality basic tools for treating small injuries like skin lesions caused by falling fast and easy. Equipment have been packed in handy Minigrip-bag that is easy to open and close. All items also stay clean and always ready for use.

    Red Package has sturdy first aid bandages and support rolls for treating major bleedings and supporting broken bones. All equipment have been packed in separate sealed bags so that all tools are preserved and are ready to be used when needed.

    SKU: EA2075
  9. First Aid Kit for sports team
    First Aid Kit for sports team
    The first minutes are crucial when treating sports injuries. By treating the injury quickly and appropriately the recovery time can be even 70% shorter.
    SKU: EA8010
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