First Aid Stations

Ready-made first aid stations and supplementary packs.

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  1. Cederroth haavanhoitoautomaatti
    Cederroth Wound Care Dispenser

    Cederroth Wound Care Dispenser. Everything you should need to deal with minor wounds in a practical dispenser.

    SKU: C51011006
  2. Akla FlexAid 2 ensiapuasema
    Akla FlexAid 2 First Aid Station with BurnFree gel

    Contains together with wash swabs also 20 bags of BurnFree gel that you place on the burn injury, which relieves and cools, which counteracts the formation of vesicles, which accelerates the healing.  FlexAid 2 with the BurnFree gel is suitable for mechanical workshops and welding departments where less burns easily occur. 

    SKU: AK91178
  3. Cederroth ensiapukaappi haavanhoitopisteellä, pieni
    Cederroth A Small First Aid Cabinet with Wound Care point
    Includes a lock, dust sealed metal cabinet with door that has small wound caring center. Suitable for smaller workplaces and complement to other first aid equipment.
    SKU: C2914
  4. Cederroth varastokaappi haavanhoitopisteellä
    First Aid Cabinet Double-Door

    A metal cabinet with two doors that divide the cabinet into two sections. The outer section holds first aid instructions and an assortment of first aid products for instant use. A plexiglass door protects the products from dust etc. The inner section is intended for storage of refill first aid products. The door to this section is made of metal and can be locked.

    SKU: C2909
  5. Cederroth pieni haavanhoitopiste
    Cederroth First Aid panel
    Cederroth First Aid panel containing a variety of first aid products.
    SKU: C191400
  6. Cederroth First Aid Station
    Cederroth First Aid Station
    Cederroth First Aid Station is a completely new product that replaces the old station (REF 490900). It now sports Eye & Wound Cleansing Spray and burn care products.
    SKU: C490920
  7. Cederroth Refill Kit for First Aid Station
    Cederroth Refill Kit for First Aid Station
    Refill kit for first aid station REF 490900. Supplied in cardboard box.
    SKU: C51011002
  8. Cederroth First Aid Panel Refill Kit
    Cederroth First Aid Panel Refill Kit
    Complete refill kit for First Aid Panel. Supplied in cardboard box.
    SKU: C2640
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