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  1. Led Lenser K3 flashlight
    Led Lenser K3 flashlight

    The smallest focusable flashlight by Ledlender weighs only 29 g (1 oz) - and in its 7.7 cm long casing we've found room for some top technology: With Rapid Focus technology this 14 lm1 the strong keychain light can focus and defocus.

    SKU: C433
  2. Led Lenser K2 Flashlight
    Led Lenser K2 Flashlight
    The Ledlenser K2, with up to 20 lm and a lighting distance of up to 20 m , is the most powerful model in the K-Series.
    SKU: MK_8252
  3. Led Lenser F1 Handled Flashlight
    Led Lenser F1 Handled Flashlight

    As light as it is powerful: At 69 g the Ledlenser F1 weighs less than a small apple and with up to 400 lm it is as bright as a 40 watt bulb.

    SKU: C403
  4. Led Lenser P17 Handheld Flashlight
    Led Lenser P17 Handheld Flashlight

    Design and technology have never come together so well. The Ledlenser's P17 casing is black and due its coating has an elegant and velvety appearance

    SKU: C60
  5. Led Lenser P14 Handheld Flashlight
    Led Lenser P14 Handheld Flashlight

    Four AA batteries. The Ledlenser P14 doesn't need more to turn night into day. With light output of up to 800 lm, its beam can penetrate up to 350 m into the night.

    SKU: C50
  6. Led Lenser P6 Handheld Flashlight
    Led Lenser P6 Handheld Flashlight

    Slim, elegant, user-friendly: Because of its non-slip surface and length of 163 mm, the P6 sits very nicely in your hand. This gives the flashlight a good grip.

    SKU: C30
  7. Led Lenser P4X Handheld Flashlight
    Led Lenser P4X Handheld Flashlight

    The Ledlenser P4X is the big brother to the P4 and has a higher maximum output of 120 lumens and also offers two outputs of high and low, rather than just the one output.

    SKU: MK_500748
  8. Led Lenser P7.2 Flashlight
    Led Lenser P7.2 Flashlight
    The new Led Lenser P7.2 features the latest in LED technology, a revised cooling system, a new reflector lens and improved ergonomics.
    SKU: 9407-lahja
  9. Led Lenser P7QC
    Led Lenser P7QC Flashlight
    P7QC is Led Lenser's new product! Water resistance of IP X7 with light output of 220 lumens. Flashlight generates 4 different light colors with only one lens.
    SKU: C406
  10. Led Lenser P7 käsivalaisin
    Led Lenser P7 käsivalaisin

    Uusi P7 tehokkaampana, 450 lumenin valoteholla. Valokeilan pikasäätö, jolloin valaisualuetta on helppo säätää nopeasti yhdelläkin kädellä. Valaisimessa valittavana kolme eri valotehoa 450, 250 tai 40 lumenia.

    SKU: MK_501046
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