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FOR BURNS First Aid blanket, 100cm x 100cm

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Product code: AK94381

FOR BURNS -palovammapeite, 100cm x 100cm

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  • FOR BURNS First Aid blanket, 100cm x 100cm.


    Be prepared for bigger burn injuries with FOR BURNS First Aid blanket

    FOR BURNS is easy to use on burn injuries and are designed to slow/stop the burn progression and give pain relief.

    The cooling effect removes excess heat from the burn and prevents the burn goes further down on the depth and reduces the risk of blistering.

    Dressings with gel stay in place on the injury even during transportation.

    • package dimensions: 38,5cm x 13,5cm x 25cm
    • blanket dimensions: 100cm x 100cm
    • weight: 3,7kg


    Product code: AK94381  

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