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The H-Bandage is a Universal Severe Trauma Dressing (a full upgrade to the present patented combat dressing Cinch Tight). The H-Bandage was developed to offer the user an emergency dressing that would not only serve as an emergency dressing but also as a hemostat for arterial bleeding and hemorrhaging in limbs, deployed one-handed for use under any condition. Designed for first responders, military, and law enforcement.

The bandage is a sterile, non-adherent dressing for severe trauma wounds. The bandage consists of an 12,3 cm x 25,4 cm ABD pad fastened to a 10,1 cm x 4,75 m elastic wrap (stretches to 4,88 m). The ends of the wrap have VELCRO® fasteners and with the plastic “H” on top of the pad gives the added compression strength and stability needed for large wounds.

When applied, the H-Bandage, combined with Primed Compressed Gauze, places heavy pressure over and into the wounded area. Clinical test results have proven that the H-Bandage will act as a hemostat for arterial bleeding in limbs, a critical component in the dressing’s functionality. The H-Bandage offers the corpsman, medic, first responder, and the individual an all-in-one emergency and combat bandage for all traumas.

Size: 3,75 x 12 x 7 cm.

Packed in vacuum.


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