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Basic Casualty simulation kit

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Product code: M9188

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  • Description
  • Basic Casualty simulation kit is almost a necessity for any instructor who wants to inject realism and enthusiasm into his basic course. It contains enough material to make up several victims and to test and evaluate a student’s knowledge and technique on each injury simulated.


    • 1 Compound Fracture
    • 1 Casualty Simulation Wax 224 g (w/pump assembled)
    • 1 Each Grease Paint (4 Colours - White, Brown, Blue, Red)
    • 1 Bottle Coagulant Makeup Blood (makes approx. 4 litred simulated blood)
    • 1 Package Broken Plexiglass (simulates glass in wound)
    • 1 Bottle Adhesive
    • 1 Package Blood Powder
    • 12 Assorted Lacerations and Open Fractures

    Product code: M9188

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