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Maxtec Handi+ Oxygen Analyzer

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  • Maxtec’s popular oxygen analysis device has been improved and upgraded with the Handi+ Oxygen Analyzer. This device offers fast, reliable, and stable performance – all with the convenience you’ve come to expect from Maxtec. The Handi+ gives you maximum reliability with the all-new overmold, keeping your analyzer protected from minor drops and scuffs.

    With regular calibration, you’ll get +/- 3% O2 percentage accuracy (+/- 1% when kept at a stable temperature). Additionally, an over range indicator reminds you when it’s time to recalibrate your device. The Handi+ gives you the freedom to check your levels without any warmup time – and one-touch calibration makes it simple!

    The Handi+ offers stable performance with an auto-off function after 1.3 minutes of inactivity and an 1850-hour internal battery – giving you up to 24 months of use under normal operating conditions. The easy-to-read 3-digit display gives you only the information you need, making it a simple choice no matter what your technological experience level. If all that wasn’t enough, its small, portable size and lanyard attachment spot make this a convenient device that can go anywhere you need it to go.

    The Maxtec Handi+ Oxygen analyzer is a great way to spot check oxygen percentages. The Handi Plus includes a reminder to calibrate and auto shutdown technology. This is the #1 choice for portability, allowing for the analyzer and sensor in one compact design.

    This analyzer includes a 24 month warranty.  Twice as long as many leading competitors.

    In addition to medical applications the Handi+ is a great analyzer for industry: Oil, Gas, Natural Gas Line Testing, Mechanical, Welding and more.

    Included Accessories:

    • 15mm Tee Adapter - RP16P02
    • Barbed Adapter with Tubing - R207P17
    • Flow Diverter - R110P10
    • Lanyard - R213P92
    • Handi+ Rubber Cover - R218P09

    The Handi+ Oxygen Analyzer is a disposable product.  If you are interested in an oxygen analyzer that has a replaceable sensor we recommend the Maxtec MaxO2+A.

    Product code: R218P12


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