Handy Care Ring

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47.58 Incl. Tax 59.00

Handy Care Ring -hoitorengas

  • Handy Care Ring -hoitorengas
  • Handy Care Ring -hoitorengas, Vihreä
  • Handy Care Ring -hoitorengas
  • Handy Care Ring -hoitorengas
  • Description
  • The Handy Care Ring™ is a new home-tool designed to treat tennis/golf elbow, mouse arm and other types of RSI.  Using the Handy Care Ring™ releases tension in the muscles of your forearms, allowing the muscles to start recovering on their own. The positive effects can be noticed after only a brief period of time.

    The positive effect of the care-ring is based on massaging cones, which are operated by placing your arm inside the ring. The cones can be adjusted to meet the needs of every individual user. Transverse movement of the ring releases the tension of both extending and contracting muscles of the fingers and the muscles that rotate the forearm i.e. extensor, flexor, pronator and supinator muscles. The treatment can be performed at home or under the guidance of a professional.

    Recovery starts fast and the effects can usually be felt after the first time using the product. Desired results can be reached in a few weeks, after using the ring regularly two to four times a week.

    Targeted groups of the Handy Care Ring™:

    • Office employees and operators of different kinds of machinery
    • Construction workers, forest workers and vehicle operators
    • The health care industry, e.g. dentists, physiotherapists
    • People who like to play sports involving bats, rackets, sticks and disc-golf players, climbers, bowlers and skiers
    • Musicians


    • Rotate the rubber buds (5) in place.
    • Adjust the ring to fit your arm by rotating the rubber buds.
    • Rotate the ring around your arm or make reciprocal movements. Use massage oil if necessary.
    • Clean rubber buds with mild soapy water.

    Demonstration video below

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