Heat Resistant Rescue Manikin, Adult

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The market's most durable rescue doll with realistic weight that can be used even in high temperatures! ASK FOR AN OFFER!

Rescue doll has a very wide range, everything from life-saving moments with thermal imaging during smoke diving, advanced extrication with immobilization of motor vehicle accidents for emergency services, evacuation drills and emergency situations, the lifting technique training in healthcare.

Fits perfectly for smoke diving exercises! Rescue doll is tailor made for your need, so can you i.e alter its weight if needed.


  • Jointed and weighted proportionately in comparison to the total weight
  • Behaves like an unconscious person
  • Works very well at the search with the IR camera 
  • Very durable doll made of environmentally friendly heavy leather
  • Double stitching around the entire dock and extra reinforcements in exposed areas
  • Can withstand very high temperatures.natural
  • Flammability tested according to EN ISO 6941 and FAR 25.853b
  • TÜV certified.
  • Long  life
  • Colours: Black or natural
  • Length: about 180 cm
  • Weights: 70 kg

Also available for leasing!

Clients are military, fire departments, police, schools, hospitals and sea rescue.

Delivery time: 1 week.

Product code: 15-9181

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