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Heat Resistant Rescue Manikin, Child

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Product code: 15-9183L

Pelastusnukke, lapsi

  • Pelastusnukke, lapsi
  • Pelastusnukke, lapsi
  • Description
  • The manikin is especially designed for emergency services at smokediving when there is a possibility to practice searching for a missing children in a fire. Searching for a child means a considerably more complicated work when children have a tendency to hide under beds, in closets when they get scared. 

    Clientele are military, fire departments, police, schools, hospitals and sea rescue.


    • Very durable doll made of environment-friendly heavy leather
    • Jointed and weighted proportionately in comparison with the total weight
    • Works very well at the search with infrared camera
    • Can withstand very high temperatures
    • Firestop according to EN ISO 6941 and FAR 25.853b
    • TÜV certified
    • Supplied with powerful protective overalls and fixed boots
    • Colours: Black or natural
    • Length: 100cm
    • Weight: approx 15kg

    Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.

    Product code: 15-9183.

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