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i-gel O2 Resus Pack

19.80 Incl. Tax 24.55
Product code: MK_8705000
19.80 Incl. Tax 24.55

i-gel O2 Resus Pack

  • i-gel O2 Resus Pack
  • i-gel O2 Resus Pack
  • i-gel O2 Resus Pack
  • i-gel O2 Resus Pack
  • I-Gel O2 Resus Pack, koko 3 (30kg-60kg)
  • I-Gel O2 Resus Pack, koko 4 (50kg-90kg)
  • I-Gel O2 Resus Pack, koko 5 (90kg-)
  • Description
  • An easy, quick and simple way to manage airway and ease ventilation. Reduces the risk of aspiration through gastric access. The i-gel O2 Resus Pack puts the things you need at your fingertips: an i-gel O2 supraglottic airway, suction tube, support strap and lubricant together in one convenient pack.

    - suitable for surgical use and first care use both in hospitals and in the field (ambulances etc.)
    - anatomically designed
    - non-inflatable cuff
    - simple, quick and safe to insert
    - a channel for inserting suction catheter
    - possible to intubate through i-gel
    - sizes also for children
    - latex-free
    - disposable

    Included in the pack:
    - i-gel O2 with supplementary oxygen port and an integral hook ring for application of the support strap.
    - Airway Support Strap to secure the i-gel O2 in place
    - Suction tube
    - Sachet of lubricant

    Size 3, 30-60 kg: MK_8703000
    Size 4, 50-90 kg: MK_8704000
    Size 5, 90+ kg: MK_8705000

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