Ice Power Cold Gel, 150 ml

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Ice Power relieves pain and inflammation quickly and effectively.  Ice Power Cold Gel is a safe long term cold treatment for the whole family. 
Ice Power Cold Gel reduces swelling, releases muscle tension and fastens recovery in injuries and muscle exertion.


- Strains, sprains, sport injuries
- Haemorrhage and bruises
- Neck-, shoulder and back pain
- Ischias pain
- Children’s growing pain
- Minor burns and sunburns
- Stress pain, muscle tension
- Rheumatic pain
- Reduce swelling

Ice Power Cold Gel

- Instant effect
- Decreases the skin temperature approximately 7 degrees
- Long term cold effect is based on ethereal oils such as Menthol
- Relieves inflammation and swelling
- Effective pain relief
- Activates the production of endorphins
- After cold treatment the circulation and metabolism is increased in treated area
- Easy and quick to use
- Proven effect by clinical studies

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