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iLine microINR -device

Product code: IL142353

iLine microINR -device

  • Description

    The MicroINR Speedometer is designed to measure the INR of a fingertip blood sample. The device allows easy monitoring of the treatment balance of patients on warfarin therapy, anytime, anywhere.

    The iLine microINR system consists of a compact handheld device and disposable test strips. The device provides a reliable INR result in less than a minute (3 µl) of sample volume. The fingertip blood sampling is conveniently done directly on the test strip. You can take your device with you and take the test anywhere. The device requires no calibration or maintenance.

    microINR offers you

    INR results quickly and reliably anytime, anywhere

    • You get the result in less than a minute while the patient is waiting. The patient does not need to go to the laboratory for testing and you can make a treatment decision right away.

    Flexibility and ease of testing

    • The device is compact, portable, fully automatic and simple to operate
    • Large clear screen
    • Conveniently, the sampling goes directly to the test strip and the number of samples is small (3 µl).

    Technical infromation

    • Use: For in vitro diagnostics
    • Method: Microfluidic technique
    • Sample Format: Fingerprint Blood
    • Device information: microINR meter
    • Test time: Under minute
    • Measuring range: 0.8–8 INR
    • The device has 200 results in memory
    • Interpretation of the result: Read from device
    • Keeping: 2 - 25 °C
    • Other needed for testing: microINR test strips, lancets
    • Information about the analyte
    • The International Normalized Ratio (INR) describes blood clotting using prothrombin time (PT). The INR result is used to adjust the right dose of medication for patients on warfarin therapy.
    • Device warranty: 12 months.
    • Product code: IL142353
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