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Insulin pen needle BD 4 mm 32 G, 100 pcs / package

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Product code: BD320211

BD insulin pen needle 4 mm 32 G

  • Description
  • BD insulin pen needle 4 mm 32G. Shortest and thinnest pen needle gives the most pleasant injection feeling.


    • For all ages, weight or body without looking and fits all insulin pens.
    • The pen needle requires lower force to press the button
    • Laser needle grinding softens the needle surface.
    • The shape of the tip and 3 cutting angles ensure sharpness.
    • The electrochemical treatment completes the surface smoothness.
    • With these features injection feels more pleasant.
    • BD pen needles are compatible with all insulin pens.
    • Package size: 100 kpl / ltk

    Product code: BD320211

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