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KaWe Colorscop Plano stethoscope

19.90 Incl. Tax 24.68
Product code: K06.10100.024
19.90 Incl. Tax 24.68

KaWe Colorscop Plano stethoscope

  • KaWe Colorscop Plano stetoskooppi
  • KaWe Colorscop Plano stetoskooppi
  • Description
  • KaWe Colorscop Plano stethoscope is made of high quality materials. This stethoscope is very useful in daily use for doctors and nurses for example for manual blood pressure measuring, because it fits well under a blood pressure cuff. The replacable diaphragm is reinforced with fiberglass and is very focused.  The ear piece is made of metal and ensures a good resonance for accurate audio.

    Diaphragm Ø 43,8 mm
    Lenght approx. 55 cm

    REF: 06.10100.0x4

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