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Laerdal MiniAnne, G2010

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Laerdal Mini Anne set

  • Laerdal Mini Anne
  • Laerdal Mini Anne set
  • Description
  • The Mini Anne is a significant step in Laerdal Medical’s mission to help save lives.

    While the Resusci Anne has helped to train CPR skills to over 300million professional and lay responders around the world, the Mini Anne has been designed with an ambition to exponentially increase this number by bringing CPR skills into the home and workplace.

    With AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) now becoming more prevalent in public places, Mini Anne CPR & AED is the complete training solution for anyone to become competent in administering CPR and AED assistance should they ever witness a sudden cardiac arrest.

    A versatile approach for individual and group training

    This innovative self directed learning programme allows families, friends, work colleagues and the general public - those who most likely would never attend a traditional CPR course, yet would most often witness a cardiac arrestt - to learn the core skills of CPR and AED use in 30 minutes.

    The Mini Anne CPR & AED kit instructs the user in a ‘practice-while watching’ format with the aid of  a 30 minute instructional DVD, and a personal, inflatable manikin with an integrated adult/child  compression clicker.

    The Mini Anne CPR & AED Skills Learning Programme benefits everyone

    - The kit can be used individually with family and friends or in larger group settings
    - A 30 minute ‘practice while watching’ instructional DVD teaches effective CPR skills and AED use
    - Multiplier Effect’ creating more potential lifesavers
    - Kit contains everything you need to learn how to recognise and respond to a sudden cardiac arrest emergency
    - These programmes have been research proven equivalent to their respective CPR courses  for learning the core skills of CPR*

    Product code: 103-09100

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