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LAERDAL Pocket Mask

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Product code: L82001133

LAERDAL Pocket Mask

  • Description
  • Pocket Mask HC (IE)

    The most widely used CPR mask in the world

    Pocket Mask w/Gloves & Wipe in Yellow Hard Case

    • Weight: 120g

    Quality CPR device
    The Laerdal Pocket Mask's design, filter and one-way valve make it a quality choice that provides protection during CPR.

    By creating a slight distance between the patient and care provider the Pocket Mask also makes seeing patient lip color and chest movement easier.

    A high-quality 3M Filtrete hydrophobic filter under a one-way valve filters out contaminates in the air being transferred between the care provider and the patient, protecting them both.

    Product code:

    • L82001133
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