Laerdal SimPad PLUS SkillReporter

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The ultimate tool to measure, track and improve CPR training. SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter facilitates real-time feedback, records data and calculates overall performance for thorough training and debrief on CPR performance. It can be used for wireless control of up to 6 QCPR manikins simultaneously. An instructor can instantly identify and guide a student struggling to perform Quality CPR.

The SimPad SkillReporter software provides comprehensive, easy-to-use feedback for enhanced Quality CPR training. All appropriate CPR metrics are measured and the software facilitates real-time feedback, stores data, calculates overall performance and allows for thorough debriefing. Detailed real time feedback and enhanced debriefing flexibility enables students to learn and improve CPR performance in a manner which far exceeds that previously possible.

Includes: SimPad with Skillreporter SW, Powers supply /charger with appropriate plug, USB cable, User Guide, Important Product Information


- Real time, live feedback of CPR performance
- Remote control for AED Trainers (via the Laerdal Link system)
- Able to manage cardiac rhythms for live defibrillator use
- Training in Assessment mode (with no live feedback when required)
- Detailed debriefing screens
- Summary overviews highlighting areas for improvement
- Annotation of key events during CPR simulation
- Multi-manikin overview for class teaching
- Adjustable limits/thresholds for compressions and ventilations (including ERC / AHA preset Guidelines)
- Transfer of data to PC for projector viewing, printing and remote storage with the free Session Viewer


- The SimPad is a purpose built, rugged, handheld device which has been developed especially for Simulation and CPR training
- Connects wirelessly to the Resusci Anne QCPR
- Can also connect via USB cable to both Resusci Anne QCPR and Resusci Baby QCPR
- Battery time is 4 hrs with fast charging (via the supplied charger)
- Easy transfer of data to a PC for backup and storage (via the supplied USB cable)
- A router can be used to secure wireless connectivity when multiple manikins are being used
- Easy to set up and use

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