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HypaPlast Children's Plaster, 20 pcs

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Product code: D3900

HypaPlast lasten laastari

  • Description
  • HypaPlast Children's Plasters are colourful and fun, specially designed for children.


    • The plasters have a hypoallergenic construction ideal for children's sensitive skin and they are washproof and comfortable to wear.
    • The HypaPlast Children's Plasters have a cushioned pad and they are air-permeable to help the wound heal.
    • The plasters are easy to apply and have a painless removal.
    • HypaPlast Children's Plasters are highly recommended for adding to child-specific first aid kit. HypaPlast Children's Plasters are supplied in packs of 20 plasters in 4 different shapes.

    Product code: D3900

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