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Led Lenser P7QC Flashlight

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Led Lenser P7QC

  • Led Lenser P7QC
  • Led Lenser P7QC
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  • Four colors, four different ways of use. 

    Led Lenser P7 QC has High Power RGBW Led technology that produces different colors with just one lens. New Prism diffuser - lens technology guarantees best performance of the light in different wave lengths. The red beam maintains your vision in the dark and you can also use it for signaling. Wild animals don't notice green beam so you won't be disturbing them. The green beam also doesn't attract insects. With the blue beam you can search and follow blood tracks. The normal 220 lumen white light you can use for everyday needs. Flashlight has water resistance of IP X7.


    * Length: 13,2 cm
    * Weight: 175 g 
    * Luminous: 220 lumen

    Product code: 9607-Q

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