Led Lenser X21R.2 Rechargeable Flashlight

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Led Lenser X21R.2 Rechargeable Flashlight

  • Led Lenser X21R.2
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  • Led Lenser X21R.2
  • Description
  • This sensational LED LENSER® flagship flashlight attracts with stunning performance statistics, technically outstanding solutions and an elegant styling. The supreme lighting performance of up to 5000 lm* can be precisely focused using seven reflector lenses. Thanks to the X LENS Technology, the bundled rays are reinforced by the advantages of the patented Advanced Focus Systems (AFS) creating a perfect lighting experience.

    The Smart Light Technology Pro, in conjunction with the new "Fast Action Switch" enables simple and direct control of the individual lighting functions. Thanks to the future-proof battery technology and the Floating Charge System Pro, the charging procedures are even more convenient, wear-free and practical. An integrated transport securing mechanism also enables use in vehicles.

    Scope of delivery:
    Floating Charge System PRO
    Power Module
    Roll Protection
    Country-specific adapter

    Technical information

    * LED: 7x Xtreme Power LED
    * Length: 415 mm
    * Weight: 1315 g
    * Lumen : (Boost) 5000 lm*
    * Lumen : (Low Power) 200 lm*
    * Energy tank:  LiFePO4, 3 x 32700 Battery Pack 9.6V
    * Burning life min:  (Boost) 2 h**
    * Burning life max: (Low Power) 40 h**
    * Beam range min: (Low Power) 150 m*
    * Beam range max.: (Power) 800 m*
    * Smart Light : Technology SLT 8 PRO

    Product code: 9421-R

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