Leukomed T Plus

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Leukomed T Plus - vettähylkivä sidos

  • Leukomed T Plus
  • Leukomed T Plus läpinäkyvä haavasidos
  • Description
  • Leukomed T plus combines the proven quality of Fixomull transparent with the high absorption capacity of Leukomed. The transparent and stretchable polyurethane film is covered with a skin-friendly and reliable adhesive. The water- and bacteria proof film conforms to body curves. The highly absorbent wound pad is made of viscose, covered with an polypropylene layer in order to avoid sticking to the wound. A red handling tape allows an easy and quick application – even with gloves.

    Features & benefits

    -Waterproof, bacteria proof
    -Highly absorbent
    -Permeable to water vapour
    -Good initial and permanent adhesion
    -Highly conformable
    -Leaves no residues when removing
    -Latex-free dressing


    -Surgical incisions
    -Traumatic wounds like e.g. cuts, grazes and lacerations
    -Wound protection, e.g. when showering or during hydrotherapy

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