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Leukosan Adhesive 10 x 0,7 ml

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Leukosan Adhesive haavansulkuliima

  • Leukosan Adhesive
  • Leukosan Adhesive
  • Leukosan Adhesive
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  • Leukosan Adhesive condenses all advantages of conventional skin adhesives into an innovative aluminium tube. Its highly viscous and quick setting cyanoacrylate adds major improvements to the benefit of patient and practitioner. Leukosan Adhesive represents a well-composed wound closure concept, offering a leading option for precise wound closure procedures.


    - Presented in a metal tube with two separate applicators 
    - High viscosity glue allows for exact and easy application
    - One layer suffices to provide strong, reliable wound closure
    - Provides a highly flexible, protective film on the skin surface
    - Low to no heat sensation in contact with the skin


    - The two applicators allow you to select the most suitable one to provide precise and/or protective application 
    - Flexes with skin, reliable adaption and protection of wound
    - Pain-free, patient comfort, child-friendly

    REF: 72541-00

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