LIFEPAK TrueCPR Coaching Device

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LIFEPAK TrueCPR Coaching Device

  • Description
  • The TrueCPR Coaching Device is designed to optimize the quality of manual CPR by providing simple, accurate feedback to rescuers in both real time and after the event. TrueCPR accurately measures compression depth on surfaces – from mattresses and moving vehicles – using a unique technology called Triaxial Field Induction (TFI).

    TFI uses a set of magnetic fields and highly complex mathematics to determine the precise distance between the TrueCPR chest pad and back pad at any point in time, given rescuers a true anterior/posterior chest compression depth measurement.


    TrueCPR Coaching Device has two main operating modes:
    1. CPR Feedback Mode: Provides rescuers with real-time feedback on chest compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in accordance with current CPR guidelines. Within the CPR Feedback Mode, there are intubated and non-intubated modes.
    2. Event Review Mode: Two event review screens display data for the most recent device use.

    Ventilation Prompts: 2 ventilation prompts every 30 compressions in No Airway mode. No ventilation prompts in Airway mode.
    Compression Depth: Target depth range of 5 to 6 cm (2 to 2.5 in).
    Metronome Rate: 104.4 ± 1 compressions per minute, consistent with AHA and ERC Guidelines.

    Weight: Less than 0.75 kg (1.65 lb) with batteries installed.
    Chest Pad:
    - Height: 3.5 cm (1.4 in).
    - Length: 22.6 cm (8.9 in).
    - Width: 8.3 cm (3.3 in).
    Back Pad:
    - Height: 7.4 cm (2.9 in).
    - Length: 26.6 cm (10.5 in).
    - Width: 10.0 cm (3.9 in).
    - Thickness (paddle): 2.1 cm (0.8 in).
    All exposed surfaces of the TrueCPR coaching device are latex-free.
    - IP55

    Size (active viewing area): 3.5 cm (1.4 in) in diameter.
    Resolution: 220 x 220 pixels.
    Type: Color TFT with LED backlight.

    Data management
    The TrueCPR device can store compression data for three 60-minute sessions or up to six sessions totaling 180 minutes. When all available memory has been used, the data from the oldest use is overwritten automatically. Data can be transferred to a computer with TrueCPR device-compatible software via USB connection. Event reports can be printed directly from the software.

    Battery Type: 2 Duracell® nonrechargeable DL123 cells.
    Operating Time: Minimum of 180 minutes at room temperature with new batteries.
    Low Battery Indicator: Appears when remaining battery capacity is less than 25 minutes of operation.
    Battery Readiness Indicator: Flashing LED on back pad handle indicates battery capacity is sufficient for at least 25 minutes of operation. Note: LED flashes approximately once every 4 seconds.

    REF: 80596-000001

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