LV Handwash, 1 L dispensing bottle

Product code: BP26820

LV Handwash, 1 L dispensing bottle

  • Description
  • LV Handwash is an effective and safe hand sanitizer for daily use. The ethanol-based hand sanitizer is easily spreadable and rapidly drying. LV Handwash contains glycerol for skin care and moisturizing and is very well suited for sensitive, allergic and atopic people. LV Handwash does not contain perfumes or dyes. The product has the insignia of the Allergy and Asthma Federation.

    pH about 7.0

    Instructions for use

    Used as such for hygienic and surgical hand infections. Wash your hands. Apply the rinse well (3-5 ml) to dry hands and rub the rinse thoroughly. Also handle your fingertips, nail plates, fingertips and thumbs. In surgical hand infection, the rinse is repeatedly rubbed so that the hands remain wet for 2-3 minutes. The disinfection time of the alcohol is its drying time.

    Product number: BP26820

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