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Maxtec 3-in-1 hose adapter, 50 pcs

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Product code: R219P31-002

Maxtec 3-in-1 letkuadapteri, 50 kpl

  • 3-in-1 adapteri
  • Maxtec 3-in-1 letkuadapteri, 50 kpl
  • Description
  • Maxtec 3-in1-adapter is designed for the most common medical hose sizes. It allows the user to connect an inner diameter of 22mm, 15mm or 6.35mm cannula hose to a device with a DISS adapter.

    Product details:

    • 3 different connection options in one adapter
    • Patients are not disturbed by the usage of device
    • Compatible hose sizes: Big 22mm, small 15mm and 6,35 mm cannula hose to any device with DISS-adapter
    • Coils: Oxygen DISS
    • Made of aluminium
    • External circumference: 22mm male connector
    • Internal circumference: 15 mm female connector
    • Cannula connetcion: 6,35 mm
    • Weight: 33 g 
    • 50 pcs \ package

    Product code: R219P31-002

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