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Maxtec MaxO2 ME Oxygen Analyzer

Product code: R230P01-001

Maxtec MaxO2 ME happianalysaattori

  • Maxtec MaxO2 ME happianalysaattori
  • Maxtec MaxO2 ME happianalysaattori
  • Description
  • Maxtec Max02 ME Oxygen Analyzer

    The easy to use Max02 ME Oxygen Analyzer was designed with years of customer feedback in mind. You will quickly notice the many great features such as a built in kickstand - that doubles as a dove tail bracket, smart alarms, back lit LCD screen, a DC power connection, and significantly extended battery life.

    • Large, Back-Lit LCD that provides excellent visibility in low light environments
    • Smart Alarms – the monitor will automatically set alarms 3% +/- current reading
    • 15% low to 99% Low alarm capabilities
    • Extended Battery Life – Up to 5,000 hours on 4 AA batteries
    • DC Power Connection, for use with optional remote power supply (not included)
    • External Max-550E O2 Sensor which reduces the long term ownership costs
    • Built in kickstand and dovetail, easily mounts to a ventilator, I.V. pole, or wall


    • Max-550E O2 Sensor - R140P02 (Included)
    • 15mm Tee Adapter - RP16P02 (Included)
    • Flow Diverter - R110P10-001 (Included)
    • Pole Mount - R206P75 (Not Included)
    • Horizontal Pole Mount - R206P76 (Not Included)
    • Rail Mount - R100P10 (Not Included)
    • Remote Power Supply - R230P10 (Not Included)


    Product code: R230P01-001


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