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  1. QuikRead 101 -laite, Orion Diagnostica
    QuikRead 101 Instrument

    The QuikRead 101 instrument provides point-of-care healthcare settings with a user-friendly diagnostic system. The QuikRead system consists of a QuikRead 101 instrument, an accuracy dispenser and several QuikRead reagent kits. The instrument has a serial connection for an external printer or a personal computer and can be used with a barcode reader.

    SKU: OR06078
  2. QuickRead Go
    QuickRead Go Instrument

    The QuikRead go Instrument is a compact, fully automatic instrument which is used for quantitative and qualitative measurements together with QuikRead go reagent kits. The QuikRead go system - consisting of the instrument and ready-to-use kits - is specially designed for use in primary healthcare settings. The instrument can be connected to HIS/LIS systems.

    SKU: OR135867
  3. Spirotest - muovinen suukappale 50 kpl / pss
    Riester Spirotest's cardboard mouthpieces 1000 pcs / box
    Riester Spirotest's cardboard mouthpieces. Available in 1000 pcs per box
    SKU: R11232
  4. Riester Ri-former 230 V diagnostiikka-asema liikuteltavalla jalustalla
    Riester Ri-former 230 V Diagnostic station with mobile base

    Riester Ri-former 230 V Diagnostic station with mobile base

    SKU: R3652-600
  5. KaWe Easy Clic Tourniquet
    KaWe Easy Clic Tourniquet
    Simple and multifunctional buckle. Fast one-hand operation. Replacable elastic tourniquet, length approx. 50 cm.
    SKU: R5255
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