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MegaMover Transfer Sheet up to 454 kg

Product code: MK_3246_95204

MegaMover Transfer Sheet up to 454 kg

  • MegaMover evakuointialusta
  • MegaMover evakuointialusta
  • Description
  • The MegaMover can be used to transport or transfer patients, or to rescue patients from areas inaccessible to stretchers. It is made from a fluid-resistant, rugged and non-woven material. The MegaMover Plus features pockets to secure a backboard and a patient’s feet.

    The MegaMover Portable Transport Unit is intended for limited use. If the unit is damaged, frayed, cut or soiled replace with new unit. 

    -Dimensions: 101,6 x 203,2cm
    -Load Capacity: 454 kg
    -Color: grey
    -6 handles per side

    REF: MK_53376

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