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MERET Omni Adjustable Slider Divider

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Product code: MS3601

MERET Omni Adjustable Slider Divider

  • MERET Adjustable Slider Divider
  • Description
  • Sliders allow you to get organized the way you want to get organized. These durable inner foam constructed 7,5 cm panels interlock to create an adjustable divider that can extend from 7,5cm up to 13,75 cm. This allows you to create sections for 2x2's, 4x4's, bandages, eyewash, or other small to medium sized supplies. By attaching the sliders to the 12" fixed divider, you have even more options for configuring the large main compartment in any of the TS-Ready™ Total Systems. 

    * Inner foam construction maintains shape 
    * 1" hook and loop strips provides secure connections 
    * Sliders interlock to create adjustable dividers from 7,5cm up to 13,75 cm

    REF: MS3601

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