Mesoft -swab 10 cm x 10 cm sterile 150 pcs

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Product code: ML156365_PKT

Mesoft 10 cm x 10 cm kuitutaitos 150 kpl

  • Mesoft -swab 10 cm x 10 cm sterile
  • Mesoft -swab 10 cm x 10 cm sterile 150 pcs_
  • Description
  • Mesoft

    swabs and sponges are designed for a wide variety of different uses – including wound cleansing, absorption, protection, padding and disinfection.

    Unlike cotton gauze, they feel soft to touch. They can also absorb more liquid or exudates and release lower amounts of fibres into the wound than gauze.

    • Made from a soft, nonwoven material that’s gentle on the skin
    • Made from a fibre structure that’s designed to perform well
    • Highly absorbent so you need fewer swabs and sponges
    • Cost-effective compared to cotton gauze
    • Retain their shape even when wet

    Single package contains 150 pcs.

    Size: 10 cm x 10 cm

    Product ID: ML156365_PKT

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