NAR Adjustable IV Pole

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Product code: NAR60-0008

NAR Säädettävä I.V.-teline

  • NAR Adjustable IV Pole
  • NAR Säädettävä I.V.-teline
  • Description
    Essential, lightweight litter accessory designed to fit the pre-molded holes of all NAR framed litter platforms including the Talon, Raven, T3, Medevac & OSL litters
    Easy to transport and fully adjustable, from a minimum clearance of 45,72 cm expanding to a height of 81,28 cm when deployed

    Retracted: 48,26 x 22,23 x 1,5 cm
    Fully Extended Height: 83,82 cm
    Weight: 136,08 g
    NOTE: Litter sold separately

    CE Mark

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