NAR Sharps Shuttle - Sharps Container

Product code: NAR30-0014

NAR Sharps Shuttle - Riskijäteastia

  • Description
  • The NAR Sharps Shuttle is clear for immediate fill-level monitoring. The unit’s tapered body (conveniently sized at a 1.25 in. diameter and 6 in. length) holds up to six needles. The vertical “point first” design is easy to store. It fits perfectly into our Medic Leg-Rig or Trauma Pack for convenient point-of-use containment of used needles and small syringes. The product’s quick-tab locking top secures contaminants until disposal. Finally, the product’s unique single-use construction makes the disposal of sharps safe.

    Clear container for fill-level monitoring
    Vertical "point first" design for easy storage
    Holds up to 6 needles
    Tapered body (3,175 cm diameter by 16,51 cm length)
    Quick-tab locking top secures contaminants until disposal
    Weight 42,5g

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