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OB MINI 500 Medical Suction Unit EU

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Product code: BSU360EU

OB MINI 500 Medical Suction Unit EU

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  • OB MINI 500 Medical Suction Unit EU

    • NEW Medical Suction Unit OB MINI
    • Max. vacuum rate 850 mbar ±10%
    • Max. flow rate 25 liter/minute
    • Lithium polymer battery (solid-non organic) allowing the autonomy of more than 70 minutes on free cycle
    • Autoclavable 500 ml jar
    • Battery status indicator with no need to turn the device on
    • Supplied with recharging cable (11÷25 Vcc)
    • OB MINI features the inner microprocessor for the production data record and functioning tracing
    • Safety inspection reminder indicates that the suction unit has to be sent for the scheduled maintenance
    • Blue transport bag
    • Provided with a 2-poles male connector main power supply, (power supply voltage rate between 100 e 240 Vac 50/60 Hz)
    • Compliant to all current norms, 93/42/CEE Directive and main reference norm ISO 10079-1
    • Dimensions: 290x240x95 mm
    • Weight: 1,8 kg

    Product code: BSU360EU

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