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OLAES Modular Bandage 6" (10,1 cm)

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OLAES Modular Bandage 6" (10,1 cm)

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  • Olaes ® Modular Bandage is the newest generation of trauma bandages. It is used by military, paramedics, TEMS and other government-response teams.  A wide range of features, including 3 meters of gauze. The gauze can be detached and places in deep wounds. A detachable occlusive plastic cover for chest and neck wounds. Includes a plastic cup for making a pressure band, the cup can also be placed to shield an injured eye. Control-bands prevent the bandage from unwinding accidentally. Easy, secure and simple functionality throughout the wound care process.

    The desing is based on feedback from military personnel, paramedics, nurses and doctors. The most comprehensive and versatile bandage in the market. No other bandage offers such versatility in such a small package.

    In high-stress situations peoples performace varies individually. In such situations it is best to keep operation simple. Olaes Modular bandage is very quick an simple to use, there are no hooks or fasteners to operate.

    A unique pressure cup causes pressure to wounded area, if needed. Does not cause circumferential pressure like a compression bandage. Reduces the need for manual pressure which liberates the medical staff treat other injuries or casualties. The pressure cup can be detached and used to shield an injured eye.

    - Latex-free.
    - Elastic band with control strips prevent the bandage from unwinding accidentally.
    - 3 meters of sterile 4-layer gauze. Can be detached and places in deep wounds. Can be used in two spots, for example the entry and exit wounds of a gunshot injury.
    - Includes a plastic occlusive sheet for injuries in the chest and neck. Possibility to prevent air getting in the wounds.
    - A pressure cup for producing pressure on the injury, can be also used tuo shield an injured eye.
    - Available in two sizes

    REF: OAL-6

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