Omnifix E - non-woven adhesive for dressing retention. 1 pcs/ box

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The skin-friendly non-woven for complete-cover dressing retention.


1 pcs/ box

Hypoallergenic adhesive non-woven for dressing retention, with synthetic rubber adhesive; particularly soft and adaptable.

Widtways elasticity, permeable to air and water vapour, thus preventing skin maceration.

Adhere reliably, can be removed easily and without leaving residues, radiolucent.

As a dressing retention by full covering, especially on joints and angular parts of the body without constraining movement.

For securing equipment, probes and cannulae, indicated for patients with sensitive skin.

Product code

30-900649   5 cm x 10 m

30-900650   10 cm x 10 m

30-900651   15 cm x 10 m

30-900652   20 x 10 m

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