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OMRON Comp A.I.R. Pro C900 medicine nebulizer for professional use

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Product code: NE-C900-E

OMRON Comp A.I.R. Pro C900 medicine nebulizer for professional use

  • Description
  • New powerful nebulizer for institutional use.

    Medication nebulizer with high compression power. Easy to set up and clean: With the Smart Structure Spray Set, there are only two parts to clean, in addition to the mask. Easy to carry by carrying handle. All parts fit inside the unit for storage and transport.


    • Medication container capacity: max. 7ml
    • Nebulisation rate: 0.4ml/min
    • Aerosol output: 0.08ml/min
    • Particle size (approx. MMAD): 3.0μm
    • Volume: approx. 55dB (at a 1 m distance)
    • Dimensions: 17.5 x 11.0 x 21.5 cm (W x H x D)
    • Weight: approx. 2.2 kg

    Product: For professional use

    • Product code: Omron NE-C900 (NE-C900-E)
    • Compressor nebuliser for use with multiple patients
    • Excellent for surgeries and clinics with a high patient rate
    • High nebulisation rate for patients who require stronger medication
    • Omron S.S.K. nebuliser set with only 2 parts that need to be cleaned - saves time during reprocessing
    • All parts that come in contact with patients are made of PVC or polypropylene and are, therefore, well suited for patients with latex allergies
    • Easy to operate
    • Compatible with any single-use nebuliser set
    • Efficient medication nebulisation in the lower respiratory tract
    • Practical handle for mobile use

    For cleaning and disinfection: see operating instructions

    Accessories available:

    • (9956275-1) adults mask (PVC)
    • (9956276-0) childrens mask (PVC)
    • (9956271-9) air filter (5pcs)
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