Omron M2 Blood Pressure Monitor

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Product code: HEM-7121-E

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  • Simple Monitor including all features you need

    This fully automatic, well designed digital upper arm blood pressure monitor offers all functions that are necessary for comfortable, quick and accurate blood pressure monitoring.

    The new blood pressure monitor has memory capacity for 30 measurements. The package also includes soft M-sized cuff (22-32 cm).

    M2 blood pressure monitor indicates with OK-symbol if cuff is correctly attached and measurement has been succesful. Result can be brought to the large display with a single button. Measurement process is fast, pleasant and painless because blood pressure monitor does not pump cuffs with too much air, cuffs only get the amount they need regarding to the arm size. Blood pressure monitor detects and notifies irregular heartbeats during the measurement process.


    -All results can be seen at the same time in large display
    -30 memory slots for one user
    -M2 detects irregular heartbeats and shows only reliable results
    -Graphical display shows if the result is within desired results.
    -Detects irregular heartbeats
    -Notifies When cuff is properly attached.
    -IntelliSense technology guarantees fast and pleasant measurement process.
    -The device has proven its reliability and accuracy under vigorous testing procedures by major health organisations
    -Keep track of your data
    -Weight: 250g
    -Dimensions: 103 mm x 80 mm x 129 mm

    Omron blood pressure monitors have 3 years warranty.

    Product code: HEM-7121-E

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