Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

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Product code: MK_HEM_7360_E

Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Description
  • Omron’s unique Intelli Wrap Cuff Technology eliminates the inaccuracy caused by incorrect cuff positioning – known to be a key source of error in home blood pressure measurement. Intelli Wrap Cuff Technology reduces the impact of incorrect cuff placement on accuracy. The pre-formed cuff is easy to put on to your arm with one hand, making blood pressure measurement even more simple.


    -Cuff Wrapping Guide: Indicates if cuff is wrapped correctly
    -Intelli Wrap Cuff Technology: For an easy and accurate reading
    -Easy BP Level Indicator: LED indicator: normal (green) or high (red)
    -Blood Pressure Level Indicator: Shows how your reading compares to reference values
    -Movement Sensor: Body Movement Detection
    -Irregular Heartbeat Detection: Detects irregular heartbeats
    -Morning Hypertension
    -Average 3 Readings: Average of 3 consecutive readings in 10 minutes
    -Large displays
    -Clinically Validated: The device has proven its reliability and accuracy under vigorous testing procedures by major health organisations
    -Two User Memory: Memory capacity for two users

    Omron blood pressure monitors have 3 years warranty.

    Product code: HEM-7321-E

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