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Optiplast-C elastic glue bandage 10 cm x 2.5 m, 12kpl

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Product code: BSN4718800

Optiplaste-C elastinen liimaside 10 cm x 2.5 m

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  • Optiplast-C elastic glue bandage

    This elastic glue bandage can be used when applying support or compression with challenging injuries. The bandage is very flexible and moldable which guarantees a strong but controlled compression and support. The porous glue-agent helps decrease skin maceration.

    non-fraying ends of the bandage stop the product from unraveling or crumpling. Can be used on humans and animals smaller and larger. Product contains dry natural rubber. Packaging sizes or one, five and twelve available.

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    BSN4718800 Optiplaste-C 10 cm x 2,5 m (12 kpl)

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