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Orion Clean Card PRO test, 25 test devices

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Orion Clean Card PRO -testi

  • Description
  • Orion Clean Card PRO is intended for monitoring the effect of cleaning processes on surfaces where protein contamination is possible. Orion Clean Card PRO helps you to ensure a high standard of hygiene.

    Protein residues on surfaces indicate insufficient cleaning which may pose a threat to health, as unclean surfaces may support growth of pathogens. Each Orion Clean Card PRO device contains a reagent pad which is impregnated with reagents. The Orion Clean Card PRO device is wiped on a moistened surface, resulting in a visually readable colour change if proteins are present.

    Food manufacturers and caterers must take every precaution to ensure food safety and good food quality. Adequate cleaning is an essential part of food hygiene practice to prevent food poisoning pathogens and other harmful micro-organisms from spreading between food, surfaces and equipment.

    Healthcare-associated infections which spread through hand-touch sites are a significant challenge in healthcare. To prevent infections from spreading, it is important to stop transmission from clinical environments. This can be achieved by focusing on surface hygiene and quality of cleaning.

    Orion Clean Card PRO provides you with

    • Easy-to-use surface hygiene test
    • Instant feedback on cleanliness of surfaces

    Technical data

    • Method: Chemical
    • Sample type: Surface wipe
    • Time to result: 30 seconds
    • Reading of the result: Visual
    • Storage: 18 - 25 °C
    • Additionally needed: Clean water
    • Registered trademark: Orion Clean Card is a registered trademark of Orion Diagnostica Oy

    Contents of the kit

    • 25 test devices
    • Plastic bottle
    • Spray cap for the bottle
    • Model chart
    • Instructions for use

    About regular hygiene monitoring

    Food safety

    Every party engaged in the food business shall be familiar with food hygiene risks involved in the handling of foodstuffs. A compulsory in-house control plan needs to include, among other things, methods for controlling surface hygiene. A good tool for ensuring the cleanliness of surfaces that are in contact with food is a protein test giving immediate results.

    Hospital hygiene

    Hospitals are busy environments where healthcare professionals, patients and visitors are in close contact with each other, making the risk of human-to-human contamination significant. Good hand hygiene and correct working methods are cornerstones of infection control and prevention. In addition, it is essential to eliminate the transmission of infections from surfaces by paying attention to surface hygiene and the quality of cleaning. Visual inspection of surfaces is not sufficient; objective hygiene assessments are required. By monitoring the cleanliness of surfaces, infections can be prevented from spreading and best aseptic practices can be objectively determined.

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