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Orve Wrap Total Protection Blanket

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Orve Wrap

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  • The Orve Wrap Total Protection Blanket combines the safety and security of a traditional foil rescue blanket with the warmth of a soft fleece blanket. Orve Wrap is lightweight, compact, soft and reflective making it perfect for use in emergency situations or as a pre- or post-operative warming blanket.

    Suitable for emergency situations and operations where set up time is limited, the Orve+Wrap is easily manipulated, tailored and cut without damaging its integrity enabling patient operating

    areas to be accessed with ease. Surgical fields can also be extended without disruption to the operation. Rest instruments on Orve+Wrap without the risk of damage to the blanket. Increase productivity levels in operating theatres particularly for shorter operations due to quick and easy set up routines.


    -Alleviate hypothermia
    -Barrier to bacteria
    -Non conductive and radiolucent
    -Maintain normothermia
    -Latex free
    -Low linting
    -Shower proof
    -Single use
    -Twice the tog rating of a summer duvet
    -Compact, lightweight and easy to store
    -High visibility levels increasing patient safety
    -BS EN ISO12952:2012 fire retardency test


    -Pre/post and Intra-operative warming
    -General ward use
    -Critical care
    -Emergency Response Services


    -Packed: 27 x 22 x 4cm (approx.)
    -Unpacked: 190 x 150cm

    Product code: OW140

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