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MedKit Finland – Digital healthcare equipment supplier

MedKit Finland is a leading digital healthcare equipment and supplies partner. Our dedication to efficient and trusted customer service is based on extensive field experience from global catastrophe and emergency situations. We are also the creators of the Mobile Clinic & Hospital –concept.

Our medical equipment and supplies expertise is based on co-founder MD Tuukka Toivio's extensive practical experience from hands-on field service in international emergency situations. He has served in extreme locations such as the war in Afghanistan, earthquakes in India, the tsunami in Thailand and in medevac and emergency medical operations both in Finland and Middle East.

 MedKit Finland serves healthcare and safety professionals globally with a constantly growing selection of over 5.000 products. Today over 7.000 health care and industrial organizations save costs by acquiring their healthcare equipment and supplies from MedKit's one stop webshop.

 MedKit Finland serves big and small clients including large hospitals, local health care facilities, municipalities, businesses, police, sports teams, border guards, medical transportation and large industrial companies.

 Our clients can take advantage of our superior service to meet all their healthcare equipment and supplies needs and save a significant amount of working hours and money in the process.

 We are dedicated to continuous innovation with a “Healthcare Supplies As a Service” model. Our brand new “Mobile Clinic & Hospital” is developed in co-operation with Conlog Group.