MedKit Finland Oy - Our story


What is MedKit?

- A Finnish company established in 2008 providing emergency and other healthcare supplies both locally and internationally. We operate according to a wholesome service model and strive to be a one-stop-shop for healthcare supplies – serving both professionals and consumers

- A versatile range of over 5000 products

- Over 8000 Finnish organizations as clients from the healthcare and manufacturing sector

- Turning in 6,4 million euros in revenue during our last financial year, growing 60 % compared to the previous financial year

- A growth company from Oulu that strives for continuous improvement and internationalization


How MedKit was established

MedKit was established to solve the issues noticed by Minna and Tuukka in the acquiry of emergency medical supplies. MedKit Finland combines three areas of expertise:

Tuukka’s practical experience from providing emergency medical care in the war of Afghanistan, earthquake areas in India and Thailand’s Tsunami catastrophe. Minna’s international digitalization, training and consulting expertise. Anna-Kaisa Kokko’s product expertise on emergency medical supplies.

Clients of MedKit include but are not limited to healthcare units, the national defence forces of Finland, counties, private companies, public organizations, consumers, hospitals, the police force, sports clubs, border patrol and large clients in the manufacturing field. MedKit has evolved from a supplier of products to a company providing a one-stop shop for your healthcare product needs. We offer a versatile range of products, fast deliveries and yes – most of our products can be purchased in single units.

MedKit’s revenue has increased significanty during the last ten years, seeing hundreds of percents of growth. The company currently has 25 employees and is working towards reaching 12 million euros in revenue during 2020. MedKit’s growth strategy is based on internationalization, improvement and continuous learning.



MedKit’s path to become the leading Finnish online shop for emergency medical products:

  • 2008 MedKit Finland was established to import and sell emergency medical supplies.
  • 2009 Launching a new online store.
  • 2010 Expanding office spaces. Hiring additional employees.
  • 2011 Starting up operations in not just import, but also export.
  • 2012 Revenue exceeds 1 000 000 euros. Boosting import functions.
  • 2013 Multiple wins of public tendering competitions.
  • 2014 New directions of growth. Hiring more employees. Years of work are starting to pay off.
  • 2015 A brand renewal. Own, new office spaces. Expanding to the Health & Safety-sector.
  • 2016 Acquiring the import rights to Riester and Maxtec products from Estecs Oy and Spira Oy.
  • 2017 MedKits product range expands to over 5000 products. Office and warehouse spaces are doubled in size.
  • 2018 A year of steady growth, revenue almost 3,4 million euros.
  • 2019 Business continues to grow at a rate of almost 20 % per year. Revenue increases from 3,4 million to 4 million euros.
  • 2020 The novel Covid-19 virus spreads and creates a global pandemic. The pandemic boosts demand and revenue increases to 6,4 million euros (60 % growth compared the previous year). Even more employees are hired. Expanding office spaces and warehouse spaces once again.


MedKit in the midst of Covid-19

In the beginning of 2020, the media was flooded with reports of a novel coronavirus, Covid-19, spreading in China. MedKit reacted to the threat of a possible pandemic and worked towards ensuring that the supply chain of essential products was well taken care of and stock sufficient at all times. MedKit was able to acquire significant amounts of products for personal protection and supply them to multiple countries in need.

The number one priority has always been acting responsibly and supplying products to where they are needed – not where the profit is highest. The focus was on answering to national demand in the spring of 2020 by supplying products to the government, ministries and the national defence forces for example. MedKit has, and will continue to help organizations in need by supplying personal protective equipment during the pandemic.

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