Oxivir Spray 3% Cleaner & Disinfectant, 750 ml

Product code: K7513449

Oxivir Spray 3% Cleaner & Disinfectant, 750 ml

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    Oxivir is very effective against bacteria, viruses an funguses. It's patented composition is based on hydrogen peroxide, which kills patoghens such as MRSA, hepatitis C and noroviruses. Oxivir is excellent in health care excretion disinfection, risk area cleaning and epidemic prevention in for example spas, ships, retirement homes, health care centers and ambulances. 

    Oxivir Spray, a new generation disinfectant
    - broad-spectrum efficiency
    - excellent cleansing power
    - safe for both users and materials
    - enviromentally safe

    Shelf-life 2 years from production date

    Not only is Oxivir a very efficient in cleansing and disinfecting, it also has an acid anioinic component which is great for removing sediments such as calcium. This double role separates Oxivir from other disinfectants in the market.

    Oxivir's composition is based on components that suit most water-resistant surfaces and fabric commonly used in health care, hotels and ships. The product does not bleach and it's disinfectant components decompose to water and oxygen.

    Oxivir is safe for users
    - does not irritate skin
    - does not irritate eyes
    - does not contain evaporating organic substances
    - is not toxic
    - does not contain perfumes
    - does not bleach

    Oxivir is environmentally safe. Compared to many popular disinfectants Oxivir has a better environmental profile, because it
    - decomposes to water & oxygen
    - does not leave active residue and therefore does not contribute to the growing of resistant strains.

    Oxivir has a CE marking and it is approved by the Finnish food safety authority Evira.

    REF: 7513449

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