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  1. Dynacast Prelude Pre-Cut 10 x 76 cm (4kpl)
    Soffban Plus cast padding 10 cm x 2.7 m, 12 pcs

    Soffban is an elastic bandage that is easy to place. This results in a smooth and even surface. The bandage is resistant to moisture and molds well into different shapes, it is also easy to remove.

    SKU: MK_71486_05
  2. 3M Soft Cast -kevytkipsi, musta
    3M Soft Cast -casting tape, black, 10pcs, different sizes

    3M Soft Cast fiberglass casting tape that does not set to a completely rigid state, but remains flexible and soft even when it is completely cured.

    SKU: 3M82102A
2 items
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