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  1. Boscarol universaali päätuki OB

    Universal head immobilizer OB

    Made in high density treated yellow foam material, water repellent. Featuring 1 basic pillow, two head support pillows with opening for ears access, 2 chin supports with central padding and 2 straps with Velcro already integrated to the basis for the positioning of the head Immobilizer on the stretcher.

    X-Ray translucent.


    about 42,5x26,5x16(h) cm

    Weight: about 900 g

    Product code: IMM121628

    SKU: IMM121628
  2. Multi-Grip pääntuki
    Pääntuki, kertakäyttöinen eri kokoja

    Kertakäyttöinen, säädettävä MultiGrip pääntuki. Jokaiseen pakkaukseen kuuluvat pää- ja leukahihnat yksittäin pakattuina.

    SKU: I-TEC-MG1
  3. X-DOUBLE Head Immobilizer
    X-DOUBLE Head Immobilizer

    X-DOUBLE is a divisible and adjustable head immobilizer designed in two pieces that can be fixed to the stretcher with special straps.

    SKU: ER621
  4. X-Lock Pääntuki kauhapaareihin
    Meber X-Lock Head Immobilizer

    Head immobilizer with an innovative design.

    SKU: MB9150
  5. Head immobilizer for Extra stair chair
    Head immobilizer for Extra stair chair
    Orange/black head immobilizer for Extra stair chair.
    SKU: E670-001
  6. CombiCarrier II - Pääntuki
    CombiCarrier II Head Immobilizer
    CombiCarrier II Head Immobilizer designed for the award-winning features of the CombiCarrier II.
    SKU: CC3400H
  7. Laerdal SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer
    Laerdal SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer
    SpeedBlocks offer a simple four-step process for application, a unique multi-axis blocks system to accommodate all head shapes and injury positions, and direct access to patient's ears for better communication and inspection.
    SKU: L983090
  8. NAR Pääntuki, musta
    NAR Head Immobilizer, black

    The NAR Head Immobilizer is amazingly easy to use, compact and extremely effective. Constructed of soft, closed-cell foam with hook and loop padded straps, the NAR Head Immobilizer provides quick and effective cervical restriction. Ears and head are accessible without removing the device for ongoing patient assessment.

    SKU: NAR50-0020
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