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  1. Meber Toboga 16100
    Meber Toboga 16100 Stretcher with belts and foot support

    Composed of an outer shell made of modified ABS polymer which is supported by a permanently fixed, strong aluminium frame. Total of 12 hand grips make it easy to handle.

    SKU: MB16100
  2. Graham Megamover Transport Chair
    Graham Megamover Transport Chair
    The MegaMover® Transport Chair is made of strong nonwoven material with 8 reinforced nylon straps for ergonomic lifting. The Chair weighs only 10 oz., rolls to the size of a water bottle and can transport up 350 lbs. Ideal for carrying patients in areas of limited space, narrow hallways or down stairs.
    SKU: MK_56307
  3. Sked kantoalusta, vihreä
    SKED Rescue System
    The original and still the best solution for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications, the Sked stretcher is a revolutionary design which provides outstanding patient protection and security.
    SKU: SK-200
  4. Boscarol potilaansiirtoalusta
    Patient Transfer Sheet OB
    Patient Transfer Sheet OB
    SKU: IMM120321
  5. MegaMover Transfer Sheet up to 454 kg
    MegaMover Transfer Sheet up to 454 kg
    The Graham MegaMover is convenient, compact, and cost-effective method of patient transport.
    SKU: MK_53376
  6. STRYKER Evakuointituoli 6243
    STRYKER Evacuation Chair 6254

    The Stryker Evacuation Chair is essential for the evacuation of disabled or injured persons weighing up to 227 kg, from multilevel facilities in emergency situations. 

    SKU: ST6254
  7. Emergency Stretcher 2 x Folding
    Emergency Stretcher 2 x Folding

    Emergency stretcher, 2 x folding

    SKU: T108
  8. NAR Talon II Model 90C Collapsible Handle Litter
    NAR Talon II Model 90C Collapsible Handle Litter

    The upgraded Talon II 90C is the most versatile and compact evacuation and treatment litter available today! Developed to meet the U.S. Army's requirement to provide urgent casualty evacuation from the battlefield.

    SKU: T60-0002
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