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  1. Wrasfer imukykyinen siirtolakana
    Wrasfer imukykyinen siirtolakana
    Wrasfer on kertakäyttöinen, imukykyinen potilaansiirtolakana.
    SKU: MK_51918
  2. Rollbord -suojaliina
    Disposable Rollbord-Cover

    Disposable-Cover for all Rollbord models. To protect Rollbords from blood and dirt.

    SKU: RO4401000
  3. Xtract 2 Loukkaantuneen kuljetus pussi
    Xtract 2 Solution for rapid casualty extraction

    Understanding the profile of your casualties through retrospective analysis and appreciation of your environment is key to the Xtract2 meeting your operational needs.

    SKU: TP2665
  4. Pelastuslakana 80x200x12cm
    Pelastuslakana 80x200x12cm

    Pelastuslakana 80x200x12cm

    pelastuslakanalla potilaan siirto on helppoa
    luistaa hyvin myös portaikossa
    vetolenkit molemmissa päissä
    kantokahvoja yhteensä 6 kpl
    materiaalina palosuojattu kangas 320g/m²
    maksimi pesulämpötila 85°C
    mitat; leveys 80cm pituus 205cm

    SKU: P45351004
  5. Samarit Rollbord – Mini-Gyn
    Samarit Rollbord – Mini-Gyn

    Suitable for urology operating theatresgynaecology operating theatres, wake-up stations and emergencies.

    SKU: RO4400300
  6. Samarit Professional Rollbord – Standard
    Samarit Professional Rollbord – Standard

    Suitable for radiology, operating theatre, and all special wards

    SKU: RO4400100
  7. Samarit Rollbord Standard Teflonliina, harmaa
    Samarit Rollbord Standard Teflonliina, harmaa

    Samarit Rollbord Standard varaosa teflonliina, harmaa.

    SKU: RO1086811222
  8. Blackhawk Fast attack tactical litter siirtoalusta
    Blackhawk Fast attack tactical litter

    The Blackhawk Fast Attack Tactical Litter is designed to quickly move injured personnel, even through rough terrain, by only one person if necessary.

    SKU: BLAC92Z8
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