Peha-haft Double Adhesive Bandage, Blue, 4 m roll, 1 pcs/ box

2.10 Incl. Tax 2.60
Product code: PEHA30-932700
2.10 Incl. Tax 2.60

Peha haft itseensä kiinnittyvä kierresidos 2,5 cm x 4 m, 8 kpl/ rasia

  • Description

    Peha-haft is a cohesive, elastic conforming bandage that is suitable for dressing retention on all skin including both fragile or hairy skin.

    It’s soft, air permeable, crepe texture means that only a few turns are required to provide secure and permanent dressing retention.

    Peha-haft is 100% latex, chlorine and acrylic free, which makes it gentle on the skin and reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

    Product code

    30-932700  Blue, 6cm x 20m

    30-932702  Blue, 8cm x 20m

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